Historic Senate Vote Provides Medical Liability Protections

Historic Senate Vote Provides Medical Liability Protections

AUSTIN, Texas, April 15, 2015—The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that forbids federal quality-of-care and payment guidelines for Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act to be used in medical liability lawsuits. The so-called “doc fix”  bill marks the first time Congress has ever passed medical liability protections.

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More high-risk doctors are flocking to Texas

Tim Seay, president of Greater Houston Emergency Room Physicians, had grown accustomed to unsuccessfully begging physicians to come to the Houston area. That was before Texas passed health...

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Governor Rick Perry

Tort Reformers and Trial Lawyers agree on Bill that helps the injured

A bill that changes the way health care plans are reimbursed following liability lawsuits and puts more money into the pocket of injured parties was signed into law by Governor Rick Perry.

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Dissecting the argument for and against California's Proposition 46.

Health Affairs Blog:

Dissecting the argument for and against California’s Proposition 46.

Academics say raising the cap would more likely increase health care costs than increase patient safety or quality of care.

The Effect of Malpractice Reform on Emergency Department Care

Skeptics said that with the passage of lawsuit reforms Texas ER doctors would restrict care to their patients because the law did not require more. And yet, a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates otherwise.

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House Provision Offers Doctors more Protection Against Malpractice Suits

WASHINGTON — A little-noticed provision of a bill passed by the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support would provide doctors new protections against medical malpractice lawsuits.

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KLBJ News Radio/Austin

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KLBJ News Radio / Austin

August 26, 2014

For years Texas has experienced a shortage of doctors, but as KLBJ's Perry Watson tells us, a new report shows that trend is beginning to change.

Texas Hospital Association: Celebrating 10 years of health care liability reform

Ten years ago, Texas lawmakers and voters approved a comprehensive set of reforms to the state’s health care liability system.

Collectively, House Bill 4 and Proposition 12 were intended to address the crisis in the state’s health care liability system that had run amok with unfounded...

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