Studies rank Texas as among the best states for doctors and registered nurses.

Study ranks Texas 6th best state for docs, expert points to tort reform

A recent study found Texas is one of the best states for physicians to practice medicine, a high ranking made possible in part due to the passage of tort reform measures in 2003, says one expert.

In late March, WalletHubb released its “2016’s Best & Worst States for Doctors,” a list ranking Texas as the sixth best state.

When asked if he agreed with the ranking, Jon Opelt, executive director for Texas Alliance for Patient Access, said Texas is widely regarded as one of the most desirable states in which to practice medicine.

“Texas’ medical liability laws are considered the gold-standard by which all state liability laws are measured,” Opelt said. “Our landmark reforms have been a huge boon to keeping and attracting physicians to care for more Texas patients.”

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HB 270, the Out-of-State Access Provider Bill,

signed into law by New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez

New Mexico lawmakers crafted a legislative solution to protect access to medical care for the residents of Eastern and Southern New Mexico. For a Texas health care provider to benefit from the statute, it will be necessary for the health care provider to have in its agreement with the patient a choice of law and choice of forum provision. If the agreement with the patient does not contain such a provision, then HB 270 will not apply.

Summary of House Bill 270

Proposed patient consent for voluntary care

Proposed consent regarding emergency care

The footnotes pertain to why we chose to include or exclude language.

This information should be used only in consultation with your attorney, who will advise you on how the language should be crafted for and used by your hospital, nursing home or physician practice.

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November 24, 2015

2016’s Best and Worst States For Doctors


Texas isn't just great for doctors; professionals across the medical field are thriving in the Lone Star State. In fact, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio rank among the best cities for registered nurses.

Austin ranks among America’s best cities for registered nurses

The 10 Best Cities For Registered Nurses

What is a health care liability claim in Texas?

Language in the 2003 reforms created a conundrum for lawyers, judges and health care providers when violations of safety standards were alleged. The Texas Supreme Court largely erased that confusion when it handed down the Ross v. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital decision May 1, 2015. The following is a discussion of the Ross decision with Texas Supreme Court Justice Phil Johnson.

 Phil Johnson

Supreme Court Justice

Key Court Decisions since the Passage of Reforms

The law is what the courts say it is. Twelve years after its passage most elements of Texas' landmark medical lawsuit reforms have been upheld.  Some of the medical liability provisions have been adjudicated at an intermediate court only. Click here for a chronology of the more significant decisions rendered by the courts.


Texas knows how to solve health care problems

By Ted Shaw

The Texas Tribune (Online)

April 20, 2015

In 2003, Texas health care was in full-blown crisis.  There were not enough physicians, particularly in high risk, hospital-based specialties, such as obstetrics, neurosurgery and trauma.

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More high-risk doctors are flocking to Texas

Tim Seay, president of Greater Houston Emergency Room Physicians, had grown accustomed to unsuccessfully begging physicians to come to the Houston area. That was before Texas passed health...

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Medical  liability reform at risk in state supreme court case

AMA Wire

November 7, 2015

One of the nation’s leading medical liability reform laws could be undercut in a case before a state supreme court.

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Why health reform might increase malpractive lawsuits

The Washington Post

November 4, 2015

A possible unintended consequence of one of health reform's biggest goals — curbing excess health care spending — could be a surge in malpractice lawsuits...

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